Case Study - Swiss Franc Stablecoin on the Hedera Network

HLiquity, an innovative borrowing protocol built on the Hedera network, transforms DeFi lending through an efficient, secure, and interest-free borrowing mechanism.

Smart Contract Development


With a fantastic team we built HLiquity, a Liquity fork on Hedera. As the first lending protocol on Hedera it features HCHF loans against an HBAR collateral.

I acted as the technical lead and also as the main developer for the smart contracts. It's been a steep learning curve as this was my first project on Hedera. The protocol uses now the native Hedera Token Service, as well as two different oracles Pyth and Supra . The protocol has been adapted to the Hedera Blockchain to ensure maximum compatibility. Including integrations to other DeFi protocols like SaucerSwap.

The protocol went live on 5th of June 2024 and currently has a TVL of over 345k CHF after one week. So go check it out! HLiquity Frontend

What I did

  • Solidity
  • Smart Contracts
  • Project Management

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