Case Study - DeFi Dashboard

Aura Finance — We developed a leading data analytics dashboard for the DeFi protocol.

Aura Finance
Frontend & Backend Development


Aura Finance is a DeFi protocol on the ethereum (and several other) blockchain. It is built on top of the Balancer system to provide maximum incentives to Balancer liquidity providers and stakers.

Together with my friend Alex from Defilytica we built an analytics dashboard for the Aura protocol. The dashboard features essential data like TVL, Volume, Voting incentives as well as data about the DAO financials and treasury.

The dashboard now is an essential part of the Aura community and receives a few thousand visitors each month. All currently supported seven chains are available.

The application features a react frontend with a firebase backend to also enable us to show historical data. We use a cache to limit requests to the subgraphs and to keep costs low.

The project was featured as an extraordinary grant project by the Aura Foundation.

This was a very fun project and should showcase how you can show complex data in a simple way.

What I did

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