Case Study - AI Chatbots, trained on your data

Chatklar is an innovative web application designed to revolutionize customer support on company websites. It features an advanced chatbot, tailored specifically to each company’s unique data and operational needs. This chatbot serves as an intelligent support agent, streamlining customer interactions and providing instant, accurate responses to inquiries.

Web app development, AI


ChatKlar is a personal project of mine. I looked for a way how AI can help companies improve their support offering for customers. While out-of-the box AI is great for general questions, usually the models do not have special knowledge about their systems, offerings and solutions.

That is where ChatKlar comes in. It gives companies the possibility to train a chatbot on their own data through a simple url or pdf files. Then the chatbot can be integrated seamlessly into their website.

I built ChatKlar from A-Z, frontend, backend, infrastructure, AI and much more. Challenges were making the AI work with custom data and making it fast and responsive with real-time streaming. Currently my focus lies in marketing the product and adapting it to customers needs.

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What I did

  • Frontend (Next.js)
  • AI Integration
  • Backend (Django)
  • Infrastructure

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